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geckodrive inc, has been manufacturing high quality original motor control designs since 1999. our drives are designed for stepper and servo applications and we are constantly developing new motor control technology. because all aspects of our business are kept in-house, our products are designed, manufactured, tested, and shipped from the same u.s.a facility.



high quality and performance meet in our original motor control designs you can trust.



3d太湖钓叟一语定三码learn how you can use motor control for robotics, filmmaking, and special projects.



3d太湖钓叟一语定三码from manuals to application notes, get the information you need all in one place.

When every step counts, count on Geckodrive

Geckodrive stepper and servo motor controls are used in high profile and mission critical applications across a range of industries such as Precision Machining, CNC Builds, Medical Testing, 3D printing, Stop Motion Animation and many more. Our extremely high-quality standards, accessible technical support, generous warranty, unparalleled customer service, short lead times, and quick turn shipping make us the trusted supplier of some of the world’s most high-profile companies. Whether they are being used in electric car manufacturing, in the mechanisms that are capable of bringing the internet to previously unreachable locations, or in a home CNC build, Geckodrive motor controls are trusted to provide precise and accurate motion in products of the future.
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